Daimler wants to transform the driving experience with Ontology


The automobile manufacturer Daimler is working with the Singaporean company Ontology to develop blockchain applications.

The two partners have now presented an initial solution

The car manufacturer Daimler and the blockchain company Ontology jointly announced the blockchain solution Welcome Home in Singapore on September 24thto have developed. This is based on the Crypto Genius platform. The solution should make driving more personal and make it easier to manage your own data.

Ontology specializes in digital identities and data. With MoveX, the two companies want to “transform the experience of drivers all over the world.” Daimler Mobility AG Blockchain Factory , which is responsible, wants to make changing cars more smoothly. By storing it on the blockchain, users of the solution can therefore transfer audio system or light settings to the new car.

Blockchain: luxury for the driver?

This should allow a nicer driving experience, especially with rental cars. The cooperation partners also want to eliminate lengthy registration processes. The data transfer is intended to help motorists overcome barriers that have previously existed, especially when using various car rental companies. According to the press release, another advantage is the easier sharing of content with other users of the blockchain solution. Thanks to the decentralization of the technology, the data should also always be safe from theft.

Up until now, Daimler Mobility has mainly worked on increasing the efficiency of supply chains and background processes. In the automotive industry, however, the company is not the only one dealing with this technology. For example, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Renault and Ford are cooperating to develop a blockchain solution as a payment and identification system. Porsche is also working on a number of blockchain applications.