In line with the Koran: Al Hilal Bank issues world’s first Sukuk bond via a blockchain

Al Hilal Bank from the United Arab Emirates was the first bank to issue a Sharia-compliant bond via a block chain. In cooperation with the Swiss FinTech Jibrel, the financial institution issued a US$1 million bond to a private investor. Bitcoin news: Are crypto currencies halal? In many places Bitcoin news already reported on the Read More

Invest in crypto currencies: How do I find crypto investments?

After we have shown into which categories crypto investments can be divided, the question arises how concrete investment opportunities can now be found. In part 2 we show the common practices for finding crypto investments. In the following we focus on the funding of projects, other forms of investment are only briefly mentioned. Clever investing Read More

WannaCry ransom exchanged via

In times of total networking, bank robberies give way to a more effective way of obtaining money: Ransomware. WannaCry is one such ransomware that for months exploited security vulnerabilities on computers around the world to encrypt drives against the will of their users. The players behind WannaCry apparently wanted to secure their loot. We reported Read More