Grover and OST cooperate for blockchain-based loyalty program

The Berlin start-up Grover and the Blockchain platform OST announce the development of a loyalty program based on Blockchain.

Bitcoin news: The provider of rentable consumer electronics wants to reward loyal customers with tokens

Times change and so do the habits of consumers say the Bitcoin news. One industry that is particularly affected by such changes in market conditions is consumer electronics according to Bitcoin news. While one likes to recall one’s own youth, in which owning one’s own game console was common practice, this pattern is increasingly giving way to more restrained consumption.

Why pay a lot of money for the latest console when the model will be outdated in a few years anyway? The answer in New German is “Shareconomy”, i.e. the deliberate renunciation of purchases in favour of rental, loan or exchange models. This means that manufacturers have to produce smaller quantities and the discarded devices can be passed on to the next user.

A Berlin start-up has created such a rental model. Grover wants to give users access to consumer electronics without having to buy them. In other words, customers can choose from a variety of devices on the platform and then borrow them for the desired period.

Bitcoin formula Tokens for loyal customers

According to a Bitcoin formula press release issued by onlinebetrug about the scam on 5 December, Grover will soon be rewarding loyal customers with OST tokens. According to the announcement, loyal customers will receive rewards in the form of tokens, for example for long term Grover membership or services such as product reviews.

Grover is cooperating with the blockchain platform OpenST to release the tokens. Using the OpenST Mosaic protocol, a type of meta-blockchain based on Ethereum, customers are given access to the OST token. According to the press release, customers can then either trade the tokens they receive on a stock exchange or use them directly on the Grover platform.

Grover CEO Cassau sees the cooperation as an opportunity to promote the adaptation of crypto currencies:

“We create additional value for our customers, for example by rewarding them with tokens for reviews and interactions with the platform that are helpful to the community. We are pleased to be able to bridge the gap between very advanced technology and the end customer and to work with OST to create new perspectives on ownership and finance.